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Hassle free accounting from Simplex
We provide a wide range of accounting services to include tax returns, general accounting, billings and accounts receivable, and financial statements.  We are great with the smallest of businesses as well as corporate and partnerships.

Our current accounts include  restaurants, retail outlets, contractors and service providers, specialty stores, and people trying to make a living and keep what they can.

Payroll Leasing
You enter into a co-employer agreement with us which transfers selected responsibilities. You can retain full authority to manage and supervise your employees.

Payroll Etc. does all the rest. More importantly, Payroll Etc. provides a comprehensive employee benefits package and relieves you of the headaches and red tape involved in payrolls and government reports.

Every Pay Period we give you...
Payroll Checks and Earning Statements
Payroll Journal
Tax Liability and Expense Report
Weekly Payroll Summaries

Leo, Brenda and David

Payroll Administration

We purchase checks that are actually yours. These checks have your information on them such as logo and account number. You give us the employee hours and other pertinent information and we print the checks. The payroll net payroll comes out of your account.

Payroll Etc. pays the employee, pays the state and federal taxes, pays all benefits (if any), does the quarterly and year end reports and handles all government inquiries concerning the employees. This includes W-2 and W-3 forms along with the year end 940 form.

Your satisfaction is Guaranteed.

Payroll Etc. offers its services on a satisfaction guaranteed, no risk basis, You have the opportunity to evaluate Payroll Etc. services during a one month period.

If you are not 100% satisfied with our service, then you are guaranteed a refund of your fee.