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Are you weary of 
Payroll and Personnel Work?
Employers have certain obligations they must address:

 Employee Benefits
 Pay & Report Payroll
 Withhold & Pay Employee Taxes
 Comply with Government Regulations
 Workers Compensation

And if that's not enough--
What about Legislation?
The Immigration Laws The Civil Rights Act Equal Employment Opportunity Employment Retirement Income Security Act Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act The Chemical Right to know Rules

If not followed, and labor problems arise, You can be fined in excess of $50,000

At Payroll Etc., we offer two 
kinds of payroll services:

Payroll Leasing Service
Payroll Administration Service

Payroll Etc. provides professional employee management services. It is a unique idea which thousands of companies across the United states are using to reduce their operating costs and maximize their profits.


 For the Client  
   Controls costs
      Saves time, energy, and paperwork
      Provides professional regulatory, legislative 
      Reduces liability
      Improves benefits program at no extra cost
      Assures smooth claims procession
      Provides professional personnel services
      Significantly reduces accounting costs
      Helps reduce turnover and attract better employees
      Reduces insurance rates
      Increased profits

For The Client's Employees  
Comprehensive benefits previously unavailable
      Better employer/employee communication
      Payroll on-time and accurate
      Professional assistance with employment related 
      Up-to-date advice on labor regulations and   
        worker's rights, worksite safety, and employee       
      Professional orientation and employee handbook
      Extends statutory protection to employees
      Smooth claims processing

For The Government 
  Consolidates several companies' tax filings into one
      More professional preparation and reporting
      Quicker collection of taxes
      Extends medical benefits to more workers
      Increases communication of government 
        and changes to the small business community
      Resolves many problems before they reach court or
      Allows government to reach small businesses 
        through a single representative