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Why would an employer hire a PEO?
By using a PEO, the employer ". . .avoids payroll, insurance and tax hassles. The Staffers are happier too because they get better benefits." (Wall Street Journal)

What about the employer's 
paperwork & administration?
"Many businesses have found freedom from the paperwork and administration of employee's benefits, plus the cost savings. . ." incurred by hiring a PEO. (Investors Daily)

Does the PEO concept appeal 
to medium-sized business?
" . . . appeals to the small to medium sized firms who want to be free from bookkeeping chores and other labor problems. (USA Today)

Can employers actually save money?
"We see employee leasing as providing benefits to employers at lower cost." (Small Business Administration)

Are the employee benefits really better?
"We also recognize that employees of a legitimate employee leasing company have access to better benefits packages, delivered economically." (Internal Revenue Service)

What is the number one reason 
to hire a PEO?

"The number one reason for employee leasing is so a company can offer benefits that it would other wise not be able to afford." (Los Angeles Times)

How does it actually work?
"Small business can benefit by firing all their employees - and immediately rehiring them through employee leasing." (Business Week)


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